How is your generosity helping the community?

Since January 1st, your love has helped Almost Home provide the following:

  • Homelessness prevention for a family in Worth.

  • Motel shelter for a couple and their dog while awaiting a housing opportunity.

  • Partial rent payment for a Hometown family.

  • A month worth of formula, diapers, and wipes for a new Mom.

  • $250 in car repairs for a friend from the streets.

  • Homelessness prevention for a single mother of 4 from Worth.

  • A brand new car seat for a local mom in need.

  • Title and plates for a friend from the shelter.

  • Cell phone and car insurance bill payment for 2 friends from the shelter.

  • Two brand new outfits for a friend from the shelter who needed a confidence boost.

  • $100 in gift cards for a local mom in need.

  • $80 in car repairs for a friend from the street.

  • A one week motel stay for a family of 6.

  • Payment of 3 important bills for a couple from Burbank.

  • 10 evenings of "Bus Stop Lovin'"

  • Transportation to rehab for 2 friends.

  • Food for our local bridge friends - 4 times.

  • Dozens of cups of coffee and donut to our friends on the street.

  • 5 nights in a hotel for a 19 year old homeless friend.

  • Payment of 2 utility bills for a young man with cancer.

  • Hair cutting events at a local homeless shelter.

  • Over $1000 to pay a Nicor bill for an Oak Lawn family.

  • Running water for an Oak Lawn family.

  • A $900 security deposit AND a new pair of glasses for a man who lost his home in a fire.

  • $700 for an elderly gentleman who was close to losing his home because of past due association fees.

  • Laundry money, soap, and gas gift cards for single mom.

  • A variety of gift cards for essentials for a homeless college student.

  • $400 in rent money for a struggling Oak Lawn family.

  • New steel-toe work boots for a friend from the bridge.

  • Furnishings and essentials for an entire home for an Oak Lawn family.

There have been dozens of others that Almost Home has helped this year - without you we couldn't make these things happen for the poor, the needy, the hungry, the  homeless, and the broken in our communities. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support.

With love,

Sarah, Moe, and Lara