Highlights From the Week of June 17th

We came together to:

•Help a friend with a month of bus fare.

•Help a friend who is living out of her car with a full tank of gas.

•Assisted two friends by getting them into a detox program. We now have THREE friends in active addiction recovery, and all are doing absolutely FANTASTIC! Praise God!

•We gifted a car to the winner of our Father's Day car giveaway.

•We helped a young gentleman who is current living out of his car with a week's worth of gas, food and hygiene products.

•We helped a friend from the street who is currently battling cancer with a little bit of love in a variety of ways. ♥️

•We held a super successful Shake the Can event over the weekend. We raised $894 much needed dollars to help fund our never-ending missions. Special thanks to our volunteers from Marquette Bank - you guys are the BEST!

•We had dinner, Uno, and a birthday party for a few friends on Saturday night. :)