Since its inception in 2015, Almost Home Chicago has become a trusted and valued community partner. Providing assistance to the poor, the hungry, the needy, the homeless, and the broken, we strive to be the hands, feet, and voice of hope by providing food, clothing, shelter, jobs, and love to those who need it most.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Almost Home is proud to work within the communities of our underrepresented neighbors.

The Numbers: How Many Are We Really Helping?

With the work we do, it is very difficult to provide “absolute” numbers. After some detailed research, and review of previous tax filings, this is an accurate snapshot of a year of outreach. The numbers are staggering. For every one person we can help, there are a dozen more waiting for assistance. Curious to know many lives we’ve touched?

See for yourself:

From our 5 Blessings Boxes, at a conservative estimate of 10 visitors per box per week, we provide supplemental nutrition for at least 2,600 of our food insecure per year.

Over 200 of the area homeless per year are given shower passes to a local facility.

Over 85 clients per year are given gas assistance (we meet the client at the gas station, fill up, and pay)

Over 60 clients per year are given assistance with transit passes to travel back and forth to work, as well as from shelter to shelter in the winter months.

An average of 6 clients per year who choose to go to detox or rehab are given new clothing, shoes, and personal items, as well as assistance with down payments and rent for sober living establishments.

Over 30 motel stays per year are provided during times of extreme cold or heat for clients with medical conditions that are worsened by extreme temperatures.

Over 700 ready to eat meals are provided to the homeless through a Blessings Bin housed at an undisclosed location.

Over 600 per year receive a hot meal through our Pending Meal program in partnership with 3 local restaurants.

Hundreds per year who live on the streets receive well-being checks, basic first aid, meals, and compassion.

Almost Home provides assistance with food, utilities, homelessness prevention, and many other items for an additional 60 to 75 individuals and families experiencing true and significant hardship per year.

Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Due to the generosity of our friends and followers, we have been able to expand our service area to include Alsip, Blue Island, Bridgeview, Burbank, Chicago Ridge, Crestwood, Evergreen Park, Hickory Hills, Hometown, Justice, Midlothian, Mt. Greenwood, Oak Lawn, Oak Forest, Tinley Park, and Worth.

Why? Because everyone needs help sometimes. Everyone.


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